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Who we are

We, as Founders, had the exciting opportunity to work with the leaders of the IT & Consulting industry (Microsoft, IBM, Google, Oracle, Salesforce, PWC, Detecon) as well as with medium sized, innovative Independent Software Vendors, helping them to scale up their expansion activities by developing direct and indirect sales channels. As a direct result, we managed to assemble a unique and experienced business development team with vast industry knowledge. Our 75 sales experts & network partners operating international are passionate about utilizing their incredible intellectual potential to assist you in effective sales expansion into EU, Russia, USA and Asia.

Christian Kuhr
Founder and Managing Partner

Jakub Polkowski
Founder and Managing Partner

What we do

Simply speaking, GROW consults IT companies that aim to expand abroad in order to avoid the typical and costly pitfalls of international sales expansion. In addition, we generate sales for them by employing our impressive local business development network. And we are good at it! Have a look at the 3 main pillars of our service portfolio:

Phase 1

Effective Go-To-Market Preparation
Within this phase, GROW proposes 360 degree activities that allow you to jump into the adventure of conquering foreign markets fully prepared and thus avoid costly mistakes that delay many of your competitors.
It includes:

• Market assessment, selection and ranking
• Sales expansion readiness check
• Go-to-market strategy development
• Competitor's benchmarking
• Ideal partner and customer profile definition
• Partner and customer value proposition
• Partner playbook development
• ROI calculations

Phase 2

Smart Market Entry
GROW employs our highly experienced local business development experts who will act as your sales representatives and effectively generate new business for you due to their deep insight into local market, years of experience and a vast local network.
It includes:

• Sales qualified lead generation
• Local customer acquisition (direct sales)
• Partner recruitment (indirect sales)
• Account management
• Business development

Phase 3

Further Acceleration of International Sales Execution
Within this phase, as the success on international markets is proven, GROW can help you to accelerate the international sales expansion process even more effectively.
It includes:

• New partners activation
• Optimization and assessment of partners
• Saling up direct sales execution
• Sales expansion roll-outs

How we do it

Phase 1

We initiate the collaboration by harvesting essential knowledge about you via an executive workshop. We learn the ins & outs of your business, your international sales expansion goals, your target markets, and the product customer value proposition deeply. If requested, we assess and rank the markets, and suggest you the most optimal market entry model. GROW subsequently analyzes how well prepared your company is for the intended international expansion via gap analysis and readiness check. It results in an in-depth go-to-market strategy, containing essential elements such as conditions of the target market, detailed market entry action plan, competition analysis, ideal partner and customer profiles, partner and customer value propositions, ROI and P&L calculations, etc.

Phase 2

Now starts the truly juicy part! Employing our incredibly effective local sales network partners, GROW start to function as your sales execution team. And the great thing is: it doesn't matter whether you are focused on direct or indirect sales as we do both... in parallel, upon your request! We look for ideal partner and customer candidates, validating & qualifying them on your behalf. GROW executes all stages of the sale process that results in signing lucrative contracts that smoothes and facilitates the entry of your business on the desired market. You will only deal with qualified leads and real opportunities. We do not only save you time & money, but also we actively and consistently boost your revenue!

Phase 3

As we have already proven that entering a defined market is lucrative for you, GROW is going to propose you a set of activities that allows you scaling up your company multi-dimensionally. In fact, many of our client relationships have started with sales expansion in one foreign market and evolved into successful roll-outs in an entire region.


We are currently hiring! Choose the position of your dreams and apply!

Partner Manager for Cross Border Expansion
Full-time position under employment contract or as a contractor.
Location: Warsaw office (Wilanow).
Your responsibilities include:

• Acting as responsible Partner Manager of ISVs from various European countries and identifies and acquiries new channel partners in specified target territories around the globe.
• Applying standardized sales expansion methodology developed by GROW with the goal of scouting, recruiting and winning of partners and end-customers.
• Collaborating closely with top management and partner managers of the ISV for setting up strategic and operational objectives for the partner channel network.
• Executing partner recruitment following a defined partner playbook incl. partner value proposition, ideal partner profile and ROI for new partners and end-customers.
• Preparing, presenting, negotiating and closing partner agreements on behalf of ISVs with new partners.
• Engaging with and executes initial sales campaigns with the ISV and new partners with the goal to generate a first sale in the first 100 days of the new partnership.
• Adhering to individual targets and reporting directly to GROW’s Management representatives.

Please send your application to: office@growmatica.com

Marketing Research Specialist
Part-time or full-time position under employment contract or as a contractor.
Location: Warsaw office (Wilanow).
Your responsibilities include:

• Doing research on business related subjects on the Internet and social networks.
• Finding companies across Europe and identifying appropriate target persons in the company.
• Expanding database of 25.000 contacts in Europe by using CRM systems, such as Salesforce CRM, Dynamics CRM and Evolvit CRM.
• Creation of mailing campaigns including sales funnel and lead scoring models.
• Drafting of email content with text merge fields for mass personalization.
• Sending B2B mass mailings with marketing automation tools.
• Design of tracked landing pages with Call for Action and Lead Collector.
• Preparing market analysis by applying a variety of research techniques to gather relevant information.
• Refreshing sales collaterals (e.g. marketing brochures, clients’ portfolio, company presentation).

Please send your application to: office@growmatica.com

Marketing Automation Specialist
Part-time or full-time position under employment contract or as a contractor.
Location: Warsaw office (Wilanow).
Your responsibilities include:

• Creating, running and monitoring of mailing campaigns
• Drafting of email content in HTML/CSS with text merge fields for mass personalization
• Sending B2B mass mailings with marketing automation tools
• Design of tracked landing pages with Call for Action and Lead Collector
• Building A/B testing for emailing campaigns with the goal to optimize OR, CTR and responses
• Segmentation of contact database using tags and/or pivot tables in Microsoft Excel


GROW is extremely effective and cares for your international sales expansion success very much!

We know how to scale up technology companies and simultaneously maximize international revenue generation within the shortest possible period of time. Winning deals (even 3 times faster than is common) is part of our company DNA!

28 mln USD

Funding collected by 2 customers due to GROW's sales involvement

8,5 mln USD

Direct sales revenue generated for customers


Sales conversion rate


GROW possesses sales & business development experts network in 27 countries, that is eager to represent you locally and will be treated as your sales extension team operating on the target market. The experts, they do understand the specific of the markets and shall help you to discover the best optimal way how to succeed. Enjoy our proven and smart Intellectual Capital for each phase of the international expansion, backed by a track record of over 1000 projects in over 27 countries. We work for both up-and-coming brands as well as for established IT giants like Microsoft, our most reputable customer.


Number of countries where GROW is active

1,1 mln USD

Most successful sales deal won


Number of sales projects realized (track record)


We understand that expanding into multiple markets is a highly time & budget consuming process. This is exactly why we make sure that the costs associated with your international development are held to an effective minimum!
Local, well networked sales & business development experts can represent you to decrease the time to market, allowing you to grow simultaneously in up to 27 countries with no need to build a huge international structure or invest in office renting, sales reps recruitment etc. Expanding via our channels is up to 3 times more effective than the classic approach.

only 10 days

Time to start sales on 6 markets in parallel


Less cost using GROW's channel


Average ROI of our clients

Have as much fun reading our success stories as we had in achieving them!

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