Lengow is an all-in-one tool that allows you to manage all you eCommerce campaigns across more than 1800 online marketplaces worldwide.

Thanks to Lengow, you can manage your product information, optimize your ads campaign and analyze your profitability on each channel only with one click.


Feed management

Lengow has partnerships with over 1800 ecommerce channels worldwide. Sell your products on marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, affiliate platforms, retargeting, adnetworks, sponsored links and more!

Whether you are targeting individual customers (B2C) or businesses (B2B), we have distribution channels from all around the world to suit your business.

Use Lengow to choose the information and the products that will be visible on your marketing channels. Manage your feed (categories, product names, descriptions, etc) and adapt them without having to use a technical team.

Easily adapt your product catalogue to meet the specific requirements of different marketing channels.

Merge your fields to improve your titles and descriptions. Choose the products you want to give priority to, or those you want to exclude. Create automated rules to maximize your sales in each area.

Publish a good quality product catalogue for best results.

Lengow helps you reference your products according to the categories of each channel. Optimise your data with partner plugins. Improve your product pages in order to improve conversion rate and clicks.

Increase your visibility and sales

Lengow processes your local data and lets you distribute products that are only available in-store through Google Local Inventory Ads.

Establish brand continuity between your online and offline presence and strengthen complementarity between online and physical shops.

Selling on marketplaces

Set up your feed quickly, without any previous technical knowledge, and adapt it to the specific requirements of the marketplaces you wish to sell on. Easily update your fields (product descriptions, categories, names) to optimise and continually improve your product catalogue.

Enhance your product catalogue to boost your sales.

Lengow centralises all your marketplace orders for you. You can manage your orders from our platform (e.g accepting orders, sending them out).
With the Lengow API, orders are transferred directly to your plugins: you can use our API to exchange data between Lengow and the backoffice of your e-commerce site.

Save time in processing and accepting marketplace orders.

Lengow is responsible for updating your inventory on all channels whenever a sale occurs on your site or elsewhere. The information is then updated in your various plugins.

To guarantee maximum sales, make sure your stock is always up to date.

Optimising profits

Manage all your emarketing campaigns in real time. The solution gives you a global overview of all your feeds and their performances on all ecommerce channels.

All your important stats in one glance!

Lengow helps its clients development locally and for their cross-border strategy.

Analyse the KPIs of all your products in all the countries you are present in.

Analyse your performance by channel, category, product, and site page, and reduce bounce rate. Thanks to our statistics, adjust your diffusion, deactivate non profitable products.

Spend less, sell more!

Analyse all the data coming from your different emarketing campaigns (SEM, affiliation, newsletters, etc).

This feature enables you to visualise different performance indicators for each of your campaigns: sales, clicks, acquisition costs and the profitability of your actions.

All your data in one glance.

Price plans

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  • Access to hundreds of marketing channels to increase sales.
  • Number of users: 10
  • Marketplaces: 2
  • Integration with your tracking tools to keep track of your product catalogue precisely and reliably.
  • Number of catalogues: 1
  • Marketing channels (price comparison, retargeting, social & affiliate networks).
  • Plugins
  • from 1h training

from €199 monthly


  • Do you need more user accounts?
  • Do you need to integrate more Marketplaces?
  • Do you have more catalogues to promote?
  • Do you need an API integration?
  • 1h training is not enough for you?

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Price plans

Schedule a free demo to learn more about our price plans. We help you find the best solution for your business.

“The fact that I could simply send a single feed to Lengow, instead of creating feeds manually for each channel, has been a big advantage.”

“Lengow gave us the possibility to easily access the marketplaces where we were interested in developing the brand. The Magento plugin was particularly useful – it simplified the setup process and order management.”

“Lengow helped us develop our visibility and manage our costs. The technical and sales teams were a big help for launching on new channels.”

“Lengow helped us grow in our chosen countries, and helped us achieve our objectives.”

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