GROWmatica (GROW) is the ultimate full-service international sales expansion agency and consultancy for IT companies to go & grow international. We have an experienced network of sales executives located in 27 countries for your convenience. GROW consults and prepares you for foreign market entry in a variety of ways and executes sales locally, wheter it's direct or indirect!

Want to save time & money as your ambitious IT brand expands international?

Want to increase your international coverage and grow your company value?

We are ready to help you execute your expansion plans in an effective way!

  • 27 countries ready for your sales expansion!
  • 422% ROI level achieved by our clients
  • 75 local sales experts eager to do international business for you!
  • 25% industry-leading conversion rate
  • 3 times less cost using our local network instead of building your own sales forces
  • 28 mln USD funding collected by 2 customers due to GROW's involvement
  • 8,5 mln USD direct sales revenue generated by GROW so far

Sounds attractive? Want to grow international and avoid the typical pitfalls whilst securing a healthy ROI? Take the first step and get your free international expansion assessment by clicking below or contact us for a helping hand.